Film Distribution Services

Novell Productions offers film distribution services via digital distribution.  Launch your film now on iTunes USA (and/or world-wide) for a flat fee, which covers: asset preparation, encoding, art work re-formatting, meta data re-formatting and delivery.  Start earning 100% of your royalties, and start distributing your own content within 30-60 days guaranteed.

You may also add other premium video on demand distribution outlets such as: Vudu, Hulu, Amazon VOD, Netflix Watch Instantly, YouTube Rentals, xBox, Redbox, Rovi, Dish, and many more, for a small additional fee per outlet, and get 100% of the revenue generated from the chosen digital outlets.

We are also partnered with a major Film Distributor and Sales Agents, who would be willing to work with us to distribute your film world wide, across multiple platforms.  Filmmakers who have their film finished, and ready for delivery may submit it to us, and we will evaluate your film for consideration for world wide release (theatrical, TV, DVD, VOD, digital, etc) – all platforms!

Please fill out our contact form and tell us a bit more about your project, and what kind of distribution you are looking for, to get started. We will work with you to get your film approved for the targeted platform, and prepare all media for formatting and delivery to each platform, quickly and efficiently, with a very cost-effective solution for global digital distribution of your film.