Film Production Services

Feature Film Production:

Novell Productions can fully produce your next feature film, from conception to full delivery of a final cut version of your film. We have the expertise and experience in both pre and post production, to deliver a full feature film. With a set agreed upon budget, Novell Productions can take care of hiring crews, auditions for casts, breakdown and locations scouting, scheduling, budgeting, filming, and all the post production necessary to create a state of the art final product. We can work with any budget, and deliver very high definition and high quality work for your project. We also offer individual services for your production needs.

Pre-Production Services Provided:

  • Screenplay Editing / Analysis
  • Script breakdown / Location Scouting & Acquirement
  • Talent Casting Services
  • Equipment/Crew Hiring Services
  • Production Set & Stage Rentals
  • …and more!

Post-Production Services Provided:

  • Musical Scoring for Film or Video
  • Editing Services
  • Color Correction Services
  • Audio & Sound Mixing Services
  • Closed-Captioning Services (FCC approved)
  • Distribution Services (Digital / VOD)

For more information, please contact us via our contact page.