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  • Mac Daddy & The Lovers on SVOD!

    Mac Daddy & The Lovers will premiere on SVOD (Subscription based Video On Demand) on August 17, 2015. The film will be available in the U.S., on AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner & more VOD platforms! Congratulations to everyone involve... Read More

  • Mac Daddy’s Vegas Adventure now in Post Production!

    Novell Production's new feature film Mac Daddy's Vegas Adventure is now in post-production! The film is being distributed by Fenix Pictures. Please stay tuned for more news about the new feature film, coming to a theater new you!... Read More

  • Mac Daddy & The Lovers being distributed by Fenix Pictures

    The feature film Mac Daddy & The Lovers is being distributed by Fenix Pictures. Congratulations to the Novell Productions team, cast and crew, as well as those that supported Novell Productions during the production! Look for our next feature film ... Read More

  • Feature Film ‘Mac Daddy and The Lovers’ wins Golden Reel Award at Nevada International Film Festival!

    Novell Production's feature film 'Mac Daddy and The Lovers', has won the prestigious Golden Reel Award for Outstanding Film at the Nevada International Film Festival! Stay tuned for more information regarding the film and future projects at NovellPr... Read More

  • New Feature Film (Mac Daddy & The Lovers 2013) – Completed!

    Novell Productions finished production of the new feature film entitled Mac Daddy & The Lovers. The film was produced by Novell Productions, and will make its cinematic debut soon. Stay tuned to for all the latest news related... Read More

  • Novell Productions opens its doors!

    Novell Productions opens its doors in 2012, providing top-notch production services for film, TV, video and multi-media! Through its innovative techniques and services, Novell Productions strives to provide quality and service like no other. Stay t... Read More